Travelling exibitions

Preserving memory is the only way we can communicate to new generations what the history of Vajont has taught us.

For years, the Pro Loco Association of Longarone has collected photos, documents, postcards and newspaper prints that help tell of the events that have affected Longarone.
This has allowed the creation of a travelling photographic exhibition that can be hosted by interested organisations, associations and schools. An opportunity to allow children and adults to learn and reflect.
The exhibition, continuously evolving, has about a hundred photographs and a collection of prints of newspapers from the period, and can be set up by our staff in any exhibition space.

To help keep the memory of the Vajont tragedy alive by hosting the photographic exhibition, here are the contact details:

Associazione Pro Loco di Longarone
Piazza Gonzaga, n. 1
Longarone (BL)
E mail:
Tel. 0437/770119 Fax. 0437/57633


“Today, however, we cannot only cry, it is time to learn something.”


Museo Longarone Vajont - Attimi di storia

Piazza Gonzaga, 1, 32013 Longarone BL