first the roar of the wave

then the silence of death,

the memory never to be forgotten

The Longarone Vajont Museum – Moments of History tells of the terrible tragedy that indelibly marked an entire region, the life ripped out of it on the night of 9 October 1963.

It is a commitment to keep the memory of what happened alive: in memory of the 1,910 victims and in deep sympathy for the courage of the survivors who, in a state of total annihilation, cultivated hope for the future.

Just when the future no longer seemed to exist.

The journey

The Museum chronologically retraces the history of Longarone and Vajont, through a vast collection of historical images, artifacts, testimonies and films.

The route includes four sections that wind through two halls symbolising Longarone and its history, broken in two on 9 October 1963.

“The wind is a resounding echo, which stays in our minds and still bears shadows that torment us: it is the breath of memory”

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Museo Longarone Vajont - Attimi di storia

Piazza Gonzaga, 1, 32013 Longarone BL